When it comes to food and fear, what are YOU afraid of?

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I’m afraid that people will judge me for my food choices.
As a food writer with a background in fine dining, people often make assumptions about my family’s food choices, a few of which I’ve shared below. Some assume that we’re food snobs, dining only on steak, lobster and caviar (ha!), while others express surprise, or even disappointment, that we’re really just like everybody else. All I want to do is feed my family good food.

“You guys probably eat well all the time, right?”

Good food is a value for us, and we honor our family time by breaking bread together. We purchase almost all our groceries from our local supermarkets and do our best to prepare and enjoy meals that are balanced, nutritious and flavorful. But, we’re also busy raising a teenager, and sometimes the best can we do is a frozen pizza or corn dogs.

 “You probably only buy organic produce.”

I rarely, if ever, buy organic produce. It’s not that I’m opposed to it – I enjoy a visit to Whole Foods as much as the next foodie, but not enough to drive 250-plus miles each week to the nearest location. And, even though our local stores have expanded their organic offerings over the past decade, my budget can rarely justify the added cost for an item that often doesn’t look as good as its conventional counterpart.

“I bet you never eat food made with GMOs.”

I use locally-produced sugar made with GMO sugar beets. I eat GMO sweet corn whenever I can get my hands on it. I don’t have any issue with using cooking oil made from GMO canola or soybeans. And, like most North Dakotans, I’ve never met a potato I didn’t like, GMO or otherwise.

I don’t mean to be glib about GMOs. I believe it’s always important to know what we’re putting into our bodies. It was my specific concern about GMOs several years ago that led me to pursue relationships with some of the people in North Dakota who produce GMO seeds and grow GMO crops. And it’s these friendships that have put this issue to rest for me.

“We could never have you over for dinner.”

Yes, you could. And we promise not to judge your food choices. 😉

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In the coming months, we’ll delve deeper into these and other food issues, and I hope that you’ll join in the conversation. So, tell me: Do you have any fears about food? Let me know by posting your reply or questions in the Comments section below.


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