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Southwestern Beef WrapBy Nancy Jo BatemanLeftover pot roast gets a punch of flavor from salsa. A quick tomato-corn relish gets folded into a tortilla along with the leftover beef for a hearty handheld meal.
Mexican HotdishBy CommonGroundThis yummy Mexican Hotdish recipe is CGND Volunteer Bridgette Readel's family favorite! Bridgette said that her mom would make this quick hotdish during planting or harvest. She said that those were the times that they needed hearty and quick meals. Bridgette's mom would have it ready and they could fill a plate and be out the door pretty fast for the next chore!
Pearled Barley HotdishBy CommonGroundMay is beef month and this yummy Pearled Barley Hotdish Heritage Recipe from CGND Volunteer Elli Ressler is her family's favorite. The recipe comes from Elli's Great Grandma Bertha and she remembers her Grandma Liz making it frequently when she was growing up. Elli's mom makes it now and it is a great meal to take out to the field during planting and harvest!
Sarah’s Prime Rib RoastBy Sarah NaselloThere's hardly anything more impressive than a perfectly cooked Prime Rib Roast. Tender, juicy and succulent, this recipe employs a simple paste of fresh herbs that subtly infuse the meat with flavor so that the beef is the star of the show.
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