Local Students Learn About Technology in Agriculture and How it Impacts the Food We Eat



Have you ever driven by a farmer’s field and wondered what the various vehicles and equipment are and how they impact the production of the food you eat? This mystery has now been solved for Hillsboro Junior High School students. On Monday, February 24, CommonGround North Dakota (CGND) Volunteer Sarah Lovas presented information about technology in agriculture. Sarah’s presentation started with an overview of the agriculture and then proceeded to cover a wide variety of even the most recent technological advances in how food is grown. She specifically highlighted examples of different types of equipment, drones, computers, precision agriculture, agronomy and GMO technology that are used in the field.

The students eager to learn and quite interested in Sarah’s presentation, asked a number of questions about drones as a technological tool. After answering those pointed questions, Sarah worked hard to demonstrate that technology is everywhere in agriculture and drones are merely a small piece of the full picture. To give examples of this, Sarah took the opportunity to share information about other types of technology such as the types of vehicles and equipment that are used during the different stages of growing season. She also touched on how data collected through drones, sensors, GPS and computers can help farmers increase yields and help sustainability.

If you have questions about agriculture and how your food is grown, please connect with us. CommonGround North Dakota is happy to provide the best connections to give you and other consumers the most factual and accurate information regarding agriculture. Please reach us by email at info@commongroundnd.com or visit our website at www.commongroundnd.com.

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