Past Event

Baby Goat Yoga
Jamestown, N.D.

Naaaaa-maste: Yogis Discover Farm Truths with Help from Baby Goats
Story By: Heidie Haugo

Now in its second year, Baby Goat Yoga is bringing consumers in the Jamestown, North Dakota area a unique way to experience farm life. Classes were held on at the Wilson farm on July 20, 2019. “It is wacky and fun,” said Sarah Wilson, whose family owns the goats and coordinated the event.

The goats are this year’s kids from the Wilson family herd. The goats that were planned for the goat yoga experience were all part of 4-H projects this year and are friendly, inquisitive and willing to jump up on a person or open a zipper if given an opportunity, Wilson said.

Goat yoga combines traditional yoga with animal-assisted therapy to relax participants. The goats move freely around the people doing the yoga and sometimes climb on the backs of people as they do the exercises.

The idea for bringing goat yoga to Jamestown came from the Wilsons’ family and friends who sent them internet stories and video clips about goat yoga in other parts of the country.

Wilson, an avid CommonGround North Dakota volunteer, uses goat yoga as an opportunity to connect with consumers and give them an opportunity to meet and ask questions of a real life farmer.

With so many food choices available, the farmers of CommonGround want to serve as a resource to educate families about food and farming. “Because the yoga sessions take place on the family farm, participants have the opportunity to experience farm life and ask questions they might not have in a traditional class,” says Sarah. “Goat yoga has helped open the door for learning in a unique and valuable way.”