Enjoy Delicious Beef | Beef Breakfast Burrito

Nancy Jo Bateman

Nancy Jo Bateman grew up promoting beef as a 4-H member and has made it her passion and career as executive director of the ND Beef Commission for 37 years.

Her definition of a good day includes working in agriculture and teaching people about the value of beef in your diet as well as how to select, prepare and enjoy beef!

Nancy Jo is also proud of the legacy she and her husband, Rocky, are creating on their farm and ranch in southwest North Dakota.  Rocky, their three daughters, and their three-year old grandson represent the 5th, 6th and 7th generations to live on their farm & ranch homesteaded by Rocky’s great-great grandfather.

To get the Beef Breakfast Burrito recipe that is featured in the below video, click here: bit.ly/BeefBreakfastBurritoRecipe

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