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We are here to dispel myths and build trust in farm families

Food provides nutrition we need every day. It is also the cornerstone of many cultures and life celebrations. It is no suprise that food brings friends and families together for conversations around the breakfast, dinner and supper table.

Have you ever wondered who is growing your food and if it’s safe? At CommonGround North Dakota, we help you find answers. We invite you to tour our farms, attend events and join in conversations with our
farmers and volunteers. Together we will sort through the myths and misconceptions surrounding food and farming.

We invite you to watch our volunteers from across the nation discuss the food and farming topics that matter to you most. Click on each topic to hear from our trusted source the family farmer:


CommonGround North Dakota has pulled together tried-and-true recipes from bloggers, farmers and agricultural groups throughout the state. Each recipe features North Dakota-grown and raised ingredients courtesy of soybean, corn, barley, wheat, durum, dry bean, potato, sunflower, sugar beet, canola, flax, pork, beef, lamb, dairy and honey producers.

Sarah’s Prime Rib RoastBy Sarah NaselloThere's hardly anything more impressive than a perfectly cooked Prime Rib Roast. Tender, juicy and succulent, this recipe employs a simple paste of fresh herbs that subtly infuse the meat with flavor so that the beef is the star of the show.
Fruit Bread – Holiday Traditions Recipe Contest Entry by Bridgette ReadelBy CommonGroundMy mom only made this at Christmas time, so as a child I always thought it was a special Christmas treat like spritz cookies. It wasn't until I was an adult that I realized I could make this "jazzed up banana bread" at any time of the year! I'm so glad I realized it because it's been a family favorite for my husband and children that we have it often. When shared with others, it is frequently requested as something greatly enjoyed! Recipe from Bridget Readel
Sarah’s Norwegian KrumkakeBy Sarah NaselloCardamom is a common ingredient in Scandinavian baking, but this distinctive spice can be expensive and unfortunately has no substitute. I have made this recipe with and without cardamom, and have found both versions to be delicious.
Sarah’s Festive & Easy Peppermint BarkBy Sarah NaselloI started making this peppermint bark with my mother when I was just a toddler, and have continued the tradition with my son, Giovanni. Each year, our holiday baking kicks off with a batch of Peppermint Bark. Festively pink and minty, this peppermint bark is perfect for hostess and teacher gifts, holiday trays, or even as a pre-mistletoe treat. Happy holiday baking!
Sweet Potato CheesecakeBy Sarah NaselloI love the versatility of sweet potatoes, which shine in this spin on a classic Thanksgiving food. Velvety smooth in texture, Sweet Potato Cheesecake is bursting with autumnal flavors of cinnamon, brown sugar, and of course, sweet potatoes. The key to this recipe is in its preparation. Roasting the sweet potatoes in the oven first helps to bring out their natural sweetness, and makes such a difference in the overall flavor.
Tony’s Edamame SaladBy CommonGroundServed at the CGND 2016 Banquet in Field event near Prosper, North Dakota.
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