Congratulations to our first-ever Holiday Traditions Recipe Contest Winner – Annette L.



CommonGround North Dakota (CGND) would like to thank everyone that submitted their recipes to our first-ever Holiday Traditions Recipe Contest! After reviewing each of the submitted recipes, CGND determined that there was one recipe that really stood out and that also adhered to all the criteria put forth by CGND for the contest. Without further ado, CGND would like to introduce our first-ever Holiday Traditions Recipe Contest winner, Annette L. of Fargo, North Dakota! Congratulations, Annette! You will be receiving a $200 Visa Gift Card in the mail very soon.

Below is the short story Annette L. submitted about her family’s Baklava recipe along with a link to her winning recipe.

Baklava Short Story and Recipe
by: Annette L. of Fargo, North Dakota

Making baklava with my daughter Suzanne on Christmas Eve is a tradition held for the last 15 years, but the recipe goes further back in our family.

In the 1970s, I came across a Greek recipe with a funny name that was unlike anything that had graced our kitchen (and we have not an ounce of Greek heritage). Unsure where I got the recipe, everyone was happy I did. And Suzanne, the one who hated walnuts, loved this more than any of us. Even asking for a pan of baklava instead of birthday cake each year. This concoction of finely chopped walnuts, cinnamon, and sugar suspended between butter-soaked, paper thin layers of pastry, and infused with golden honey is swoon-worthy.

Suzanne says I was ahead of my time, making baklava in Fargo at a time when a Norwegian treat was as exotic as they came. It has evolved into a cherished Christmas Eve tradition of mother and daughter taking a little time out of all the holiday craziness to be together, just the two of us, creating a delightful dessert.

It’s the most delicious baklava I’ve tasted. Maybe it’s sentiment, but I doubt it;     this baklava is just the best!

Get the winning recipe: Baklava by Annette L.

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