CGND | Our Pasture View – May 2022

Maria Bichler

Maria Bichler is a wife, young mother of three and owner of Bichler Simmentals in Linton, N.D. She works from home as a journalist alongside her husband, Doug, as they manage their family’s 100-year-old farm and ranching operation.

We may still be waiting for the May flowers we all dreamed about in April, and we’ve just celebrated Mother’s Day. But, we can all continue to celebrate beef for the remaining days of May as we usher in summer.


May is National Beef Month across the United States. Closer to home, Gov. Doug Burgum declared May 2022 as Beef Month in North Dakota.


Did you know as of Jan. 1, North Dakota was home to nearly 2 million head of cattle? For perspective, that is far more than the population of our state. From our state’s collective cattle, North Dakota produces over 794 million pounds of beef annually.


These are only two figures portraying the legacy of the beef cattle industry in North Dakota. Behind every farm and ranch, there are hard-working families dedicating their livelihoods to raising a top-notch food source for the consuming public. These beef producers are active in their communities, serving as an economic boom to their area and the state. These producers are innovative, intelligent and driven.


Not only is May Beef Month, but for us, May is also calving season. We have over 60 calves on the ground with many more to come. I can’t help but also think of our mother cows and ewes when Mother’s Day rolls around. Being good stewards of our animals to ensure they can provide food for our nation is an honor. We can’t do it alone, though, as these four-legged mothers also work hard to care for their young.


We calve against the backdrop of green grass; we are lucky to have two calving pastures across the road from the barn. Seeing cows and calves rest by a pond mid-day makes my mind light up with facts about our industry; facts too vast for one blog post. But, I’ll leave you with a fact and a thought.


Emissions from cattle, including those that come from the feed production, fuel and electricity, only account for 3.7% of the total greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S.


My thought? If you are curious about the beef industry, or agriculture in general, ask the families behind the food on your plate. We are more than happy to share our legacy.

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