CGND | Our Pasture View – October 2021

Scrambled, over easy, sunny side up, poached, boiled. In a sandwich, on top of a burger, key to baked goods. You must have guessed by now: an egg. Most of us have grown up consuming...

Enjoy Delicious Beef | Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich

To watch the video and get the Versatile Beef Pot Roast recipe click here: To get the Beef Philly Cheese recipe featured in the video below, click here:

Enjoy Delicious Beef | Versatile Beef Pot Roast

To get the Versatile Bee Pot Roast recipe that is featured in the below video, click here:

CGND | Our Pasture View – September 2021

Everyone enjoys seeing newborn calves. The downy hair spread across a tiny body with two bright, curious eyes surrounded by luscious eye lashes. The wobbly knees trying to stand for the first time. Those...