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CommonGround North Dakota is focused on starting a conversation between farmers who grow food, and the people who buy it. It’s a conversation based on our personal experience as farmers, but also on science and research. We will answer your questions, share facts and also our own personal stories about food and farming. CommonGround North Dakota is brought to you by the farmers of many of the commodity groups in North Dakota. Click here to see a list of our farmer volunteers.

CommonGround is a national movement of farmers who want to share information about farming and the food we grow. For more information about the national CommonGround program, please visit


Farmers offer an important perspective on food. Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to have a conversation with a farmer or even visit a farm. Now is your chance to change that. Take a look at the events below to find out more.

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Have a question about food or agriculture? We can get it answered by a dietitian or local farmer. Maybe your Interested in getting involved with our events and activities?

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